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Food-grade baking lubricants provide an efficient solution for increasing your productivity. Whether you’re dealing with extreme applications like ovens and freezers or high friction points in conveyors, proofers and palletizers, high-quality lubricants will help your line run smoother, cleaner and with fewer lubrication intervals.

We offer one of the most comprehensive lines of H1 lubricants, as well as its NSF ISO 21469 certification. Because the NSF ISO 21469 certification program encompasses the entire life cycle of an NSF H1 lubricant – from formulation to packaging and use – we follow strict hygiene standards, and places great importance on the reliability of packaging. Food-grade lubricants increase productivity and reliability while ensuring economical machine operation and food safety.

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How the use of single point automatic lubricators can increase both productivity and safety in the food industry.

Moving beyond NSF H1
What the ISO 21469 lubricant standard means for food safety

How to Make Your Food or Beverage Facility Successful
Everything you need to know when choosing a lubricant for your product line.

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