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Clean oil is required to prolong the life of critical components within drive trains. GEM 4-320 N does not show strong affinity for water and provides an outstanding platform for achieving ISO Cleanliness Codes. Furthermore, the product is tuned for excellent compatibility with seals and materials that keep the outside away from the inside of your gear drives. Foaming got your breather? Not only can surface foam be problematic with level marks, air entrapment leads to air bubbles within oil which decreases the life of oil and presents challenges for counting contamination. The technology blended into GEM 4-320 N achieves the highest ratings against rigorous tests for foaming.

Our line is designed to lubricate all gears and bearings in your wind power stations. From blades to generator bearings, We provide the effective wind lubrication solutions you need to optimize the performance of gear systems, preventing the damages caused by extreme loads, challenging environments and long maintenance cycles.

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High performance gear oils have been proven to increase the efficiencies and cleanliness of enclosed gear drives. In addition to excellent wear protection for gears and bearings, our Klübersynth line of oils show outstanding oil life, resistance to foaming, and compatibility with many elastomers.

It’s Very Cold – So What?
Specialty Lubricants for the wind industry for use at low temperatures.

Protecting Gears in Wind Power Applications
High performance oils for heavily loaded gears in wind power stations provide high operational reliability, long oil change intervals, and low friction values lead to cost reductions.

Wind Turbines Power Up with Oil
Wind energy is fast becoming a popular alternative energy source and wind power stations need the right lubrication to ensure reliable performance.

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