Marine Solutions

Efficiency-boosting specialty marine lubrication is developed to endure the elements your operation faces every day. These high-performance lubrication solutions can hold up under arctic cold, tropical storms and seawater exposure while significantly extending maintenance intervals and the service life of components — from open drives to cranes and winches to wire ropes and open gears.

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Proper Usage Techniques for Specialty Lubricants in Marine Applications
Proper lubricant usage in marine applications, such as anchor handling winches and electric motor shaft bearings, can improve efficiencies and reduce the total cost of operations.

Lubricant Challenges in Extreme Cold Environments
Marine vessel operators need to be aware of the performance of lubricants used to protect machine elements from corrosion and wear while operating in the extreme cold climates of the arctic and sub-arctic regions.

How Ester-Based Oils Handle Hydrolysis to Remain the Top EAL for VGP)
Benefits of ester-based oils and understanding ester oil performance characteristics when selecting an EAL.

Specialty Lubricants for Open Gears at Sea
A leading Scandinavian ship equipment OEM discovers the value of running-in and operating lubricants from Klüber Lubrication for their open anchor winch drives.

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